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1. Chilly Winds / Live Country / Cajun Fiddlin' on the Bayou (reels)
2. Balkan Hills / City of Savannah (schottisches)
3. Banks of the Devon (air)
4. Devil in the Strawstack / Nail that Catfish to the Tree / Rondo / Ma Yofus / Ross's Reel #4 (reels)
5. Akuvalssi / Hannun ja Riitan Häävalssi (waltzes)
6. Princess Royal / O'Carolan's Draught (airs)
7. Eleanor Plunkett (air)
8. Le Cultivateur / Festival du Voyageur / Hommage à Edmond Parizeau / Dedicat à Joe (reels)
9. Ye Banks and Braes / Bonnie at Morn (airs)
10. Scintillante (waltz)
11. The Butterfly / Calliope House (jigs)
12. As I was Kissed Yesteern / Sleep Soond ida Moarnin' / Willafjord / Frank's Reel (jig/reels)
13. Road to Lisdoonvarna / Swallowtail Jig / Reg's Cigar (jigs)

What people are saying about "Sowing"

Laura Wilson, daughter of legendary contra dance caller Ralph Page: "Thank you so much for the CDs!! I love the tunes! Your group plays with so much heart & soul. I've heard musicians who are technically very good, but somehow lack the 'passion', but you ... have both. Passion and technical excellence. Ralph would have been so pleased that you included his piece on your CD. Thank you from both of us."

Great Meadow Music: "Good listening!"

Sarah Heath, of the The Heaths: "I love the Wild Notes CD which I just got in the mail, it's really fun. You guys are great."

Rose White, contra dance caller: "I'm a nurse in a psychiatric ward and I played your CD for the patients. They all kept coming up and asking what the beautiful music was!"

From CD Baby: "Whether a non-stop hoedown or sweet Scottish lament, this music is fun. So put on your dancing shoes and enjoy Wild Notes. They're sure to sow a few new fans!"


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