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Wild Notes second CD:

Branching Out
Our debut CD, Sowing, introduced the wide range of musical backgrounds among the members of Wild Notes. Branching Out shows how we are expanding as a band. We play about as many concerts as we do contra dances, and for these concerts we showcase the vocal abilities of the band. People often exclaim, "I didn't know you guys sing!" On this CD, we've included some of our favorite songs, two of which were written (and are sung) by Dan. As long as we're on the topic of original music, we also include an original rag and waltz by Dan, a waltz by Kasha, and several contra dance tunes by Mickey. Singing! Original music! We are indeed branching out!
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1. Hollow Poplar/Home With the Girls in the Morning/Big Liza Jane/Boys, My Money's All Gone
2. Piper's Refrain (Richard Nardin)
3. Liberty City Rag (© Dan Hocott BMI)
4. Da Slocket Light (Tom Anderson, 1910-1991)/Morgan Magan (Turlough O'Carolan, 1670-1738)
5. Just Let Me Know (© Dan Hocott BMI) Click here for lyrics!
6. Partly Sunny/Sine Nomine Reel/Not So Simple Gifts/Peepers & Bullfrogs (© Mickey Koth)
7. Bonnie Portmore
8. Dream Angus (Aonghas nan Aisling)
9. Drink the Wine Slowly (© Dan Hocott BMI) Click here for lyrics!
10. Devil With the Dill Pickle/A Nod To Phoebe/Rock the Bow (© Mickey Koth)
11. Ballad of St. Anne's Reel (© David Mallett)
12. Jim the Fiddle Maker (Ivan Hicks)/Dubuque/Rockabilly Reel (Rodney Miller)/Slippery Slope (©1995 Michael Mendelson & Sliding Scale Music (BMI))
13. Thirty Years & Seven Days (© Dan Hocott BMI) Click here for lyrics!
14. Fear A Vhata
15. Waltz for Andes (© Kasha Breau)

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